Евгения Самерханова (Прокопова)

Евгения Самерханова (Прокопова)

О себе

Marketing professional with experience in multiple OTC categories (Pain, Fever, Sore Throat, Gastro) and FMCG

Опыт работы
Group Product Manager (Gastro OTC)
июля 2017
сент. 2017
Reckitt Benckiser
Senior Brand Manager, Nurofen (Pain & Fever)
мая 2015
июля 2017
Должностные обязанности:

 Multicategory brand, one of key value contributors (18% from total company):
- Nurofen for Adults: systemic pain (tablets, capsules)
- Nurofen for Children: antipyretics category (suspension, suppositories, tablets)
- Nurofen: topical format (gel)
People management
 Direct reports: 2 (Junior BM, Management Trainee). Recruitment, coaching and development, including
1 promotion to BM role
Market results
 Nurofen is the winner of “The 17th Platinum Ounce” award in nomination “OTC brand 2016”
 Nurofen is #1 brand in Total OTC market in Oct’15-Sep’16 in terms of MS
 GM % improvement in 2016: +1.5pp
 Identification opportunities for Net Revenue/ GM improvement due to local currency devaluation and no opportunity for price increase (SKU mix, portfolio strategy, pricing/sizing, COGs)
 Brand budget planning & control: budget accuracy: +/- 0.5%
 Successful launches of GM accretive products: Express Forte liquid capsules MS 2.7%, NR 5 mln GBP, NFC suspension 200 ml MS 7.8%, NR 3.2 mln GBP, Nurofen Long tablets MS 2.8%, NR 4 mln GBP
Communication with stakeholders
 Key point of contact for ENA and Global teams on Nurofen performance in Russia: 5Y plan development, brand portfolio review, communication campaigns planning
 Led discussion with Global team to initiate project specifically for Russian market due to regulatory challenges with price control and localization
Brand planning & Marketing mix
 Brand Plan 2017: deep analysis of market and consumer data, best-in-class launch plot for 2017 NPD, activities for base business – new communication on liquid capsules
 Brand investments: defining role of media channels, formats prioritization in digital (OLV, social networks, paid search, e-commerce), strong set of trade and HCP activities
 TV copies development: 2 local copies, 1 copy in cooperation with regional team, adaptation of 3 copies
 Expert on medical and HCP-related questions in Healthcare department: medical strategy template development, analysis of prescription data (PrIndex) and medical sales force efficiency (GfK)
Identification of new business opportunities
 Fundamental study of topical category, including learning from other countries, with recommendation on gel positioning and activation programs
 Cold&Flu category analysis to assess potential opportunities for Nurofen

Johnson & Johnson
Brand Manager, Hexoral (Sore Throat)
янв. 2013
мая 2015
Должностные обязанности:

Market results
 Sore Throat Spray category: #1 brand in Value MS
 #1 sore throat brand in annual prescriptions among paediatricians: 5 mln prescriptions
 Winner of “Product of the Year Award 2014”
 NTS growth: 2013/2012: +28%, 2014 / 2013: +18% becoming 50+ mln. USD brand
 Hexoral Tabs range launch: launching 4 new SKUs: 3% MS
 Innovative communication: TV copies for different formats (spray & lozenges) under one creative concept
 New packaging development for spray Family pack: artwork design and consumer testing
Communication with stakeholders
 Brand footprint development in collaboration with EMEA team: ensure key Russian and Regional stakeholders are aligned
Brand planning & Marketing mix
 Brand Plan preparation and alignment
 Digital: Hexoral web-site launch: more than 30 000 visitors every month
 HCP activities:
- Initiated medical study on anti-viral effect of spray to differentiate from key competitors
- Interactive detailing for doctors (T17 cities), participation in national and regional congresses

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