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NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels, developer and installer of comprehensive solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use, remote villages, telecommunication and mining industry.

NEOSUN Energy isn’t just a component manufacturer – we develop and build commercial solar power stations worldwide with capacity from 20kW till 4MW. We are also committed to building a smart energy management system to manage the production, usage, trade and distribution of energy for solar energy projects within a Microgrid.

We believe that the smart energy network now is embracing the same chance as the Internet did 20 years ago. It will ensure the transformation of the energy market and transition to local energy generation based on smart grids and the Internet of Things. Moreover, it allows making electricity and lighting available in any corner of the world, to change and improve lives by bringing energy, connectivity and water to people in off-grid and remote areas.