Helene Manaud-Conter

Helene Manaud-Conter

О себе

- International Baccalaureate in United World College of American West (1984)- Diploma in International Trade (Paris, France)- 4 years in ImportExport (Paris)- 3 years in Communication and Human Ressources (Toulouse)- 9 years as General manager o

Опыт работы
Associate Consultant
Должностные обязанности:

- Contribution to the ruling of the company (we are 7 associates) and mostly to the development and innovation- C coach in interpersonnal communication, - Consultant and trainer in strategical orientations, team bulding, communication...

Описание деятельности компании: Human ressources and strategy consulting and training
Общая информация
Отрасль: Консалтинг
Специализация: Управленческий консалтинг
Должность: Старший консультант
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