Арман Петросян

Арман Петросян

О себе

В 1995 году закончил обучение в Ереванском Педагогическом Институте факультет кинорежиссуры.В период 1997-1998 Учился в AUA (Аmerican University of Armenia) на MBA

Опыт работы
Millennium Challenge Account-Armenia (MCA-Armenia)
Procurement Specialist
Должностные обязанности:

-Assist in preparation and update of the General Procurement NoticeProcurement Planand Procurement Reports of the Program.-Assist in preparation requests for no objections from MCC as required by the Procurement Agreement.-Assist in preparation and conduct of procurements of:1) M&E services,2) technical andor financial audits,3) supplies, services, vehicles, etc. directly related to the operation of MCA-Armenia.-Assist in establishing and maintaining records of the Program procurementsand responsible for hard copy and electronic filing of Procurement related documents in the MCA-ArmeniaServe as back up of the Procurement Officer.Other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the PO and the CEO.

Описание деятельности компании: Millennium Challenge Account-Armenia (MCA-Armenia), a State Non Commercial Organization established by the Government of Armenia, is responsible for overseeing the transparent implementation of the Compact signed between the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Armenia. Rural Road Rehabilitation The Compact includes a $67 million project to rehabilitate up to 943 kilometers of rural roads, more than a third of Armenias proposed Lifeline road network. When complete, the Lifeline road network will ensure that every rural community has road access to markets, services, and the main road network. Under the Compact, the Government of Armenia will be required to commit additional resources for maintenance of the road network. Improved Irrigation The Compact also includes a $146 million project to increase the productivity of approximately 250,000 farm households (34% of which are headed by women) through improved water supply, higher yields, higher-value crops, and a more competitive agricultural sector. This project consists of two activities: An infrastructure activity that aims to increase the amount of land under irrigation by 40% and will improve efficiency by converting from pump to gravity-fed irrigation, reducing water losses and improving drainage; and A water-to-market activity that will improve the efficiency of water delivery to farmers and boost farm productivity and profitability through technical assistance and credit support. Administrative and monitoring and evaluation costs of the Program are budgeted at approximately $23 million
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