Михаил Полунов

Михаил Полунов

Опыт работы
Richard Fritz GmbH
IT Group Manager
янв. 2014
Должностные обязанности:

- leading and managing IT department in the Company (in 3 countries - 4 manufacturing sites and 1 HQ);
- Project Leader of SAP ERP implementation for all plants in the Company;
- Managing the business transformation from IT point of view with the mother company; integration of IT infrastructure between 2 companies;
- ISO and TUV audits (starting from preparation and ending with passing audit);
- planning budgets; cost savings activities\projects;
- building IT strategy for the Company in different countries; support of the IT infrastructure 24\7 and business initiatives;

Достижения: Full cycle SAP project during 9 month with multinational team. Transformtion of all IT services within company for the new business requirements. Cost savings. ISO TS 27001 certification.
Описание деятельности компании: Glass coating production for the vehicles; window system.
Johnson Controls Inl. AG
ИТ менеджер по России
марта 2005
янв. 2014
Должностные обязанности:

Managing and taking over responsible for IT department in Russia (4 locations, 9 functional and direct subordinates + outsourcers). All IT environments was built under my control from 0-level (network\SCS\back up\FS\IS systems\equipment\etc.). Projects leading. Launching of new businesses cases and sites. Budgets management for all plants in Russia for FY, LT\ST\projects budgets, cost savings, communications with suppliers and customers (FMC, Renault, AvtoVAZ, GM, Nissan). On-line support of production and Finance ERPs (AutoPro\QAD, MFG\Pro, JTDS, MES, 1C 7.7 and 1C 8.2 (MS SQL) -24 hours mode, etc.). Software development basic process, change management; integration of corporate software and initiatives; hardware selection and planning purchasing (based on tenders); virtualization and cluster installation; management in critical situation (coming main stopper of production); remote control and support of other locations in Russia; launch of Shared Service Center in Head office; development of the internal department procedures, standards and politics; IT employees hiring\professional and personal development of subordinates (skill matrix and assessment).
- WMS integration;
- Development and implementation IT security + data integrity + BCP (business continuity plan) + DRP (disaster recovery plan);
- Preparation for SAP implementation;
- IT, SOX and TUV audits (starting from preparation and ending with passing audit);
- development of the strategy for IT departments in line with company's strategy and targets. Procurement and Budgeting system project integration.
- New Greenfields launches. Launch of incident ticket system in Russia region. Managing the project in Sweden, Volvo plant.
- Built reliable and strong IT department in Russia within few years.

Достижения: Built effective and strong IT department in Russian region of the Company. Launch of complex Greenfield sites from IT side and other big projects.
Описание деятельности компании: автомобильная промышленность, производство автокомпонентов, JIT производство. Более 100000 сотрудников по всему миру.
СПбГЭТУ "ЛЭТИ" им. Ульянова-Ленина
Радиоэлетроники, микропроцессоры
Повышение квалификации
Бизнес риторика и право.
Школа Экономи и Права
OS UNIX\Solaris for administrators
Lynx BCC
Planning, Implementing and Maintaining of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Active Directory
EURICA, MS training center
Lotus Notes R6
Lotus Notes R6
Finance for non-Financials Managers
Institute for business development, Bratislava
Leader's skills
Leadership Institute
Moscow Business School
Master of BA, (education period 2009-2013)
iLEAD training
Leadership Instituteitute
Общая информация
Отрасль: Автопром, машиностроение, производство оборудования
Специализация: Информационные технологии
Должность: IT-директор, CIO
Английский (Свободный)
Немецкий (Технический)
Чешский (Базовый)
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