Михаил Шилов

Михаил Шилов

О себе

High potentialcompetitive level skills & activities – Charismatic tough person, balanced extravert, skills of a practical philologist, directing of up to 10 workers team, retail activity expert, profy knowledge of the markets, both practical and theoretical). Connections in retail chains for business goals. High experience of public communications, training providing, creating of a super modern presentations, up to date commercial proposals, own researches of applicable markets as well as cabinet and field, portfolio.Personal projects:2006 – Personal sales• 8 accommodation in Moscow;• 1400 square meters -1 mall in Belgorod Russia;2007 – Personal sales • 2000 square meters – 1 mall in Moscow;• 1 business center in Korolev town (sub Moscow region);2008 Personal sales of 1700 square meters of retail accommodation – 2 malls in Moscow- Marketing strategies, position, promotion complexes, for malls in Russian regions.- Researches – Russian B2B real estate (e.g. business centers, malls).- Consulting of a small malls: «How to survive among the giants», «Guerilla retail marketing»- Materials, samples & testimonial collection: BTL activities = the best ones should be implemented instantly- Marketing researches, recommendations, business plan – for customersHINTS & TAGSExperience of impact presentations and fruitful business talks to top management of major companies. Good literature and fashionable (+ NLP) writhing style for BTL, PR. Knowledge of wide area markets. Business contacts with suppliers, companies in Russian regions are available. Non-smoker, good sports (among team) character. Hobbies – Self training activities, bodybuilding, chess, authentic literature, studying of foreign languages. High level of technical and organizational accuracy. Diplomatic. Prepared for teamwork. Energetic. Excellent problem-solving skills – both work & personal life (handing of a help) activities. Working long hours and long business trips are available.Letters of recommendation are available. Recommendations from my employers consulting firms are available.Very advanced PC user. Any business & office program. Special programs: management-accountant, accountanting - 1C, .Gestori. Marketing, statistic ones, many others- «Kasatka», MS Project, SPSS, BPwin. VBA & sophisticated Excel formulas and spread sheets programming. Access- query programming. - Profy user of AUTOCAD.- English language – fluent (both oral and written).- German language – colloquial, reading of documents.- Chinese- beginning.

Опыт работы
Holding Company - Owner of several major buildings in Moscow
Sales & Marketing DirectorДиректор по продажам и маркетингу
Должностные обязанности:

Running of commercial and marketing department (2 brokers, 1 assistant and 1 adv. clerk).More effective business strategy performing.Running of new tenants’ commercial activity.Company Sales&CRM program creation.Performing of a program for business client’s attraction B2B mostly (expeditions, direct sales).Marketing targeting.New one sales & marketing position performing with one of the largest in Moscow elite mall.New clients attracting.Interaction with Real Estate brokers.Seeking of NEW ones, rich, aggressive clients.Sales at prices better than market in average.VIPdifficult clients handling.Creating the leads into successful business agreements.Advertising and PR:Creating effective advertising policy.Company advertising materials (prints, billboards, website).Supporting of Law Dep., Accounting Dep.(good knowledge of Russian law and accountanting).

Описание деятельности компании: Owner of several major buildings in Moscow malls
Общая информация
Отрасль: Недвижимость
Специализация: Маркетинг
Должность: Директор по маркетингу
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