Юрий Сергеев

Юрий Сергеев

О себе

Personal strengths:
Drive for Results, Motivating Others, High Learning Agility, Managerial Courage, Dealing with Ambiguity, Managing Vision and Purpose, Visible Leadership, Strategic thinking.

Top 5 (Gallup) strength:
Activator - ability to move ideas into actions, Context - looking perspective and background, Futuristic - love to peer over the horizon, Achiever - driven for accomplishment, Communication - bring ideas and events vividly to life.

Professional skills:
Cross-functional and multicultural Team management, People management, Program/Project Management, Broad finance knowledge and experience, LEAN methodology, Conflict Management, Change Management, Integration management, Navigating complex challenges

Technical skills:
SAP, MS Office, MS Project

Опыт работы
Strategic Revenue Management (SRM) Sales Leader
марта 2016
Должностные обязанности:

To unlock profitable growth potential through excellence in Strategic Revenue Management (SRM) driving an incremental return from growth initiatives for Mars Incorporated. Provides visible leadership and focus, ensuring sustainable development of SRM capabilities: people, process, systems.
Drive strategic investment decisions for profitable growth and efficient route-to-market for Mars Chocolate Russia (annual sales value USD 500M) and whole region:
The Key functional focus areas are:
 Trade Architecture: ensure the most effective allocation of trade investments across customers through developed trade investments strategy and maximized efficiency of trading terms through ‘pay for performance’
 Trade Promotion Excellence: development of promotional capabilities to maximize ROI through strategic promotional guidelines and ROI governance embedded into operational decision making
 Pricing: development of consumer led pricing strategy linked with portfolio strategy and profitable growth targets
 Mix: determination of strategic priorities for product assortment by customer/channel to drive growth agenda maximizing profitability;

Описание деятельности компании: FMCG
Senior Finance Manager (Route to Market)
авг. 2014
февр. 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Co-piloting Mars Chocolate Russia business unit (annual sales value USD 500M) Sales Director, CFO, other Sales/Trade Marketing senior Leaders on growth opportunities and Route to Market development :
 ensure all sales initiatives deliver profitable growth;
 develop new Route-to-Market management capabilities;
 develop and drive ROI and Trade Investment Strategy through the whole organization;
 ensure governance and risk management in Sales;
 lead development of Strategic Revenue Management capabilities and organization;
 drive continuous improvements of existing business model, trading terms and ways of working to enhance business capabilities in route-to-market area.
 lead Finance team to support on-going Sales operations and control environment;
• co-created and supported successful implementation of new Trading Terms moving Mars distributors route-to-market from ‘cost plus’ to ‘pay for performance’ model (annual saving USD 7M);
• reorganized, built and developed new finance team;
• developed long term Trade Investment Strategy and frame work to ensure alignment between product and customers strategic priorities
• established ROI framework and mindset across the whole business driving profitable growth (incremental annual earnings usd 6M)
• established New Governance & Control processes in route-to-market area
• established Customer profitability ownership through new P&L by Customer reporting tool and embedded it into new Sales Incentive program

Достижения: new Trading Terms, Trade Investmetn Strategy, ROI governance, P&L by Customer ownership
Описание деятельности компании: FMCG
Global Integration Program Manager
янв. 2011
авг. 2014
Должностные обязанности:

Visioning and leading business transformation of 6 Mars CIS business units (including 7 factories) into Global platform (based on SAP).
Managing the team of 28 full-time experts and managers and more than 100 part-time resources (Finance, R&D, Commercial, Logistic, Supply, Engineering).
Management the Program budget ~ USD 50 M over 4 years.
Ensure the Program implementation on time and within agreed budget while:
- minimized business disruptions (e.g. stoppage of dispatches, NSV losses and costs push)
- delivered measured improvements of the businesses performance and capabilities
- adopted best practice and standardized processes with consistency across CIS units.
Decision-making Authority:
Full responsibility on managing CIS Program implementation, setting up reliable governance via Program Steering Group, units Management Teams and Global stakeholders.

Достижения: Russian project went live into new Global platform according to the plan. All 6 external warehouses and 7 factories started operational performance on time according to developed schedule without any disruption and negative impact on delivery to Customers.
Описание деятельности компании: FMCG
Finance manager
июня 2001
янв. 2011
Должностные обязанности:

Manage finance processes, projects and teams in different areas

Описание деятельности компании: FMCG
Программа повышения квалификации
мая 2015
нояб. 2015
British international school
Management Accounting
Institute of Economics and Industrial management
Economic and Indusrial management
post-graduate course
Novosibirsk Engineering State University
Computers and IT Network
Engineer's degree
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Отрасль: Потребительские товары повседневного спроса
Специализация: Стратегическое планирование и организационное развитие
Должность: Руководитель
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