Егор Иванов

Егор Иванов

О себе

два высших образования: техническое и экономическое.

Опыт работы
Technical account manager
Должностные обязанности:

Работа в тандеме с Key Account Manager.Консультирование клиентов, подготовка спецификаций, презентации, первая линия технической поддержки.

Описание деятельности компании: In a world where the digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, Gemalto’s end-to-end security solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, safe and enjoyable.Our activities range from the development of software applications through the design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports and tokens, to the deployment of managed services for our customers. More than 1 billion people worldwide use our products and services for telecommunications, financial services, e-government, identity and access management, multimedia content, digital rights management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.As the use of Gemalto’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the company is poised to thrive over the coming years. Key figures*?1.68 billion revenue 200810,000 employees, 90 nationalities, based in 40 countries75 sales and marketing offices; 17 production sites, 30 personalization centers, 9 R&D centers Over 1.4 billion intelligent (microprocessor) cards produced and personalized in 2008
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Отрасль: Телекоммуникации, связь
Специализация: Консультирование
Должность: Консультант
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