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ID Finance - International FinTech Company

ID Finance is a fast-growing financial technology company specialized in online lending, credit scoring and data science in emerging and well-developed markets. Since 2012 ID Finance has issued over 400 000 loans. Revenue run rate of the company exceeds $55mn. The company currently has offices in Spain, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Brazil. ID Finance plans to keep on expanding its business globally.

The company designed an original IT stack and uses proprietary high-performance scoring models to evaluate the credit worthiness of a potential borrower in real-time. The innovative decision-making algorithm processes thousands of data elements, including the internal credit history, antifraud services, credit bureaus, social networks, client behavior, etc. All this enabled ID Finance to operate on low OPEX and to focus on providing fast and convenient financial services to its customers available 24/7. This approach allowed company to expand portfolio swiftly, build and grow a large loyal client base.

Co-founders of ID Finance Boris Batin and Alexander Dunaev are also involved in the operational management of the company. Both of them were educated in UK in University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, have extensive experience in investment banking in Deutsche Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and others. The largest ID Finance investors are well-known private investor Vadim Dymov and venture capital management company Emery Capital.

The most known and principal assets of ID Finance are MoneyMan and AmmoPay companies.

MoneyMan is an online lending service. The idea behind MoneyMan is to help people solve their short-term cash flow needs by the providing fully automated payday loan service operating round-the-clock.

AmmoPay is an automatic online service of POS-lending. This mobile-first solution is aimed at retail. It provides buyers access to financial resources by using their mobile devices at the point of sale, allowing them to purchase goods, and pay in installments.

ID Finance aims at the top market positions and already has more than 2mn registered clients. The company concentrates its R&D efforts on developing innovative risk assessment models, big data processing, developing secure applications for both web and mobile platforms. It brings innovations into emerging markets and provides financial inclusion as a social mission.

In 2015 and 2016 ID Finance has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe award. In April 2016 it won the European FinTech Awards in the alternative finance category.

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