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AF Holding consists of immovable property management, building, hotel business companies and enterprises at home and abroad in other word, which takes part in social and cultural area of country economy.

The following divisions are part of the company: Property Development, Retail Property, Tourism and Production.

In the pursuance of stable social and economic development AF Holding opens new vacancies, develops the social programs providing population employement and carries out the acts of charity on its places as well. Providing with stability and development in many economic spheres AF Holding companies are among of progressing firms.

The company is based in Baku, Moscow and London.

In 1989 AF General Trading company which is specialized in import-export operations was founded.

In 1997 UGUR - 97 BSM building company which is specialized in civil construction was founded.

In 1998 AF Building company which is specialized in planning,construction,management of residential districts and grand trade centres was founded.

In 1999 10- storey house on R. Bekhbudov str.59 was put into service .

In 2000 19-storey and 16-storey houses on R. Bekhbudov str.59 was put into service. . AQUA Park - Baku family sports and entertainments complex–first town AQUA Park given for citizens and guests of capital.

In 2001 100% of KONTINENT BANK’s holding of shares made by AF BANK and on its base was founded a bank . The 22-storey house on Sh.Badalbeily str.,102 was put into service.

In 2002 exhibitions and trade centres was opened in AF com CENTRE and the complex of three 19- storey houses under the same name was put into service as well.

In 2003 the complex of three 14-storey houses on M.Gashgay str 747 was put into service and AF HOLDING was founded.

In 2004 the construction works of 15-storey house on R.Bekhbudov str. 65 was finished. Built by the sea Novkhany AQUA- Park. was put into service.

In 2005 the building activity of 19-storey house on Nizami str., 96 was finished.

In 2006 the construction process of complex of 16-storey houses on S.Vurgun, block 351 was started.

In 2008 AF com PLAZA and AQUA Park – Shikhov was put into service.The construction of hotel complex with similar name was started.

In 2009 the construction works of AF-Mall on S.Vurgun.str.,34 was finished.

2010 AFSAN Plastic factory was built and put into service.

2011 AF Business House was built and put into service.

2013 EuroHome 1 opened in Baku Azerbaijan

2017 Aqua Residence opened in Baku Azerbaijan

2017 Eurohome 2 opened in Baku Azerbaijan