Павел Воронцов

Павел Воронцов

О себе

Strong leader skills and organizing abilities. I get into work quickly and deeply plunge into a theme. I good feel the basic motive forces of people and I find a key to enthusiasm. A positive spirit to a life. 100 % result and success -oriented. I’m exacting to myself and subordinates. I am broad-minded person, healthy ambition and have high skill to communicate.The life motto: «Do not hesitate, try new ideas, do not stop if you reach the level you needed! »

Опыт работы
External Communications Department Head
Должностные обязанности:

Realization of plan of participating is in exhibition and scientific measures: stand, promo materials, speakers, extensive media coverage. Planning and execution of annual of communication budget. Co-operation with two regional branches: organizational development, profits, attracted investments. Formalization of relationships with customers. Informative support of commercial and scientific block. Drafting of monthly analyst of a particular branch reports.

Описание деятельности компании: Administrative and marketing consulting of atomic industrial complex Russian Federation
Общая информация
Отрасль: Консалтинг
Специализация: Стратегическое планирование и организационное развитие
Должность: Нач. отдела, зам. руководителя
Английский (Свободный)
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