Ирина Скворцова

Ирина Скворцова

Опыт работы
Market Research Manager
июля 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Management of ad-hoc market research studies on full cycle (from agency brief to report presentation) including winning supplier selection, maintaining of Sanofi’s MR global policies, all documentation supervision with own experience implementations (~45% work time)
Market performance monitoring and regular dashboards providing basing on syndicated data (IMS, DSM, GFK, Ipsos Comcon) (~35% work time)
Implementation, management and supervision of internal research process including conducting regular performance Survey (on DIY professional platform EnjoySurvey) throughout Sanofi stuff (~20% work time)

Достижения: 1. Became and developed a stable business-partnership with BU’s marketing – shifted market research expertize of brand-management team what extremely enhanced Strategy building and tracking. 2. Intensified BU’s activity on ad-hoc studies strongly supporting brands strategies developing and carrying out what allowed to be proactive (vs. reactive previously) in strategy execution. 3. Created a new area of research for Sanofi – In-house DIY Survey - helping to achieve transparent and effective system of divisions’ KPIs tracking. As a result – over 10 new very beneficial surveys during last 2 months what already has saved about 5 mln Rub MR over-budget expenses. 4. Created and developed new internal training course on “Market Research for Business” for newcomers from sales and interns what shifted their knowledge level on cost-free base.
Описание деятельности компании: Pharma
Magram MR
Healthcare Research Head
янв. 2014
июля 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Strategic planning of the new business, its structure, further development and promotion
New clients search, account management, development of the existing clients
Research projects management (both qualitative and quantitative), leading qualitative projects
Team management: training, supervision, guidance for the day-to-day activities; tasks setting, their realization control, coaching of the junior personnel of the research team. Participation in the professional events (exhibitions, conferences)

Достижения: 1. Business division created from zero (30 reports) 2. Stable client accounts developed and returned part of lost clients (health care), profit share increased by 10%. 3. Raised the level of client relationship to the consulting (as opposed to ordinary sales), that allowed to improve the image of the company as well as of the new business division 4. Grow MR excellent within the division, setting up the standards of value added project results delivery and client service, provide high class consulting to help the companies make best decisions regarding the strategies of their products development 5. Recommendations on brands promotions thanks to which the clients took the leading positions on the healthcare market 6. Leadership in strategic thinking and application solutions to help clients develop new products, revitalize existing brands, create Ad campaigns and design packaging.
Описание деятельности компании: Market Research
Key Account Manager
марта 2004
дек. 2013
Должностные обязанности:

Strategic accounts development
Responsible for full research cycle - supervision and conduction of qualitative marketing research on various markets (health care, FMCG, home appliances, retail, fashion goods, luxury products, B2B): from negotiations with the clients, setting up the objectives of the project and methodology, up to reports preparation and results delivery
Creation and coordination the teams of specialists depending on research specifics (from 3 to 10 people)
Consulting support of expert level for the clients
(Professional Growth from Assistant Researcher to KAM of Pharma sector)

Достижения: 1. Sales increased 2 times compared to the existed level 2. Organic sales growth due to expert level of the research 3. Base of loyal clients created that allowed to improve efficiency and positive account sales dynamics
Описание деятельности компании: Market Research
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Должность: Researcher
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