Елена Павлова

Елена Павлова

О себе

Elena Pavlova, the doctor of jurisprudence, Dissertations include ‘Territories of the States. Legal problems’ and ‘Investment appeal of the enterprise through involving of intellectual property in economic circulation’.During 18 years of dedication to international franchise marketing, international practical experience in law, finance and standardization of business processes international consulting services are available from market pre-entry studies to full national and international franchise development programs.Dr. Elena Pavlova has developed a multi-faceted approach encompassing print, electronic, online, expositions, seminars, investor forums and involvement with various government programs. Successful international development is dependent upon the awarding of the license to carefully selected, qualified and motivated candidates. An effective international franchise recruitment program must generate numerous candidates for consideration from any country.

Опыт работы
International Standard Franchise
General Director
Должностные обязанности:

1. Franchise Consulting & Development & Sales:1. Development and Building of franchising networks 2. Support on entering local and international markets 3. Manual Standard сontrol 4. Manual Standards adaptation and installation for local market 5. Standardization of business-processes for Manual Standard 6. Marketing :• Development of competitive advantages • Search of vacant places at the market • Definition of customers’ needs, which are insufficiently satisfied by competitors • Choice of goods and services’ competitive advantages at the market • Marketing planning2. Legal&Finance:1. Management of intellectual property& corporate property2. Estimation of business (material and non-material company’s assets)

Описание деятельности компании: International Standard Franchise (ISF) was created in 18 years again.We have more than 150 high-level experts in field of management, marketing, sales, technologies, low, international standard of Management and Manufacturing Resource Planning, etc.During this period we have successfully completed more than 500 projects on the territories CIS-countries, EE, WE in field of re-structuring, standardization, and assistance in expansion to the new markets, building of franchising networks, development and sell of franchising systems.
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