Margus Schults

Margus Schults

О себе

- ca 15 years working experience in different senior Management Boards and Teams operating in highly dynamic environments (two-digit growth numbers different cost reduction programs)- senior executive role in the integration and turnaround of CEE banks (e.g. increasing profitability from ca 70m? to 200 m?)- changing Global HR model (10+ countries, 300 staff) into one fully integrated global function- driving the culture change to make HR being a true Business Partner for the line organization- experience of working in the business, in core HR functions as well as in HR Business Partner role- working with different customer employee satisfaction improvement programs- developing and implementing HR Strategy and policies for 5000+staff in CEE (learning & development, compensation & benefits, talent management, performance management, succession planning etc)- working together with the top executives in developing and retaining TalentsHigh Potentials- creating International Staff Exchange program - developing and implementing Group-wide Performance Management framework- leading different line organizations (ca 100 solid-line subordinates)- extensive experience in developing working with global matrix organizations- leading HR TCM areas during different expansion activities (establishment in the new countries, acquisitions) - being a HR business partner for CEE top executives- working ca 10 years in different global HR functions, covering totally ca 20,000 staff in 20 countries- experience in working with various major cross-border projects (e.g. cross-border business synergies, common Core Values for 5,000+ of staff in CEE, implementation of Group-wide HR Information System etc)

Опыт работы
Global HR Head of Service Management & Financial Planning
Должностные обязанности:

- Securing that the business targets are reflected in HR strategy, processes and organisation- Working together with the top management in reaching the targets and implementing business changes by influencing and controlling the Business Planning process of HR organisations in all countries - Responsibility for financial planning & budget of Global HR-function (global budget 80m?, 300 of staff)- Responsibility for developing and implementing new Global HR Service Delivery Model (streamlining HR-processes, policies and tools all over the Group; harmonizing HR organization structure in all countries; changing the governance of Group HR from country-based management into central functional management; changing HR to become a “true business partner”)- Taking a leading role in implementing one global HR Information System- Member of Global HR Leadership Team

Описание деятельности компании: A leading North-European commercial bank with 20,000 employees in 20+ countries
Общая информация
Отрасль: Коммерческие банки
Специализация: Работа с персоналом
Должность: Директор по персоналу, HR
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