Николай Константинов

Николай Константинов

О себе

• High-level management skills • High-level expertise in corporate credit and risk (publications in leading journals)• 6 years work experience including 4 years in executive positions• Strong team spirit, responsible, result-oriented, hard-working, stress-resistant adaptable • Fluent in English and Spanish spoken and written as well, some knowledge of French; experience in working for foreign company and living abroad

Опыт работы
CreditEuropeLeasing LLC
Head of Credits Department
Должностные обязанности:

 RISK MANAGEMENT - Experience & achievements: Timely identification, analysis, evaluation client’s risk factors and theirs minimization; managed problem clients’ past due debts in CreditEuropeLeasing, URSA Bank and BaikalROSBANK; managed group of specialists (client managers, credit analysts, lawyers, security check specialists and collectors) in CreditEuropeLeasing and URSA Bank to collect past due debts; as a result successful debts repayment, significant delayed payments decrease.  CORPORATE CREDIT ANALYSIS & MANAGEMENT - Theory: Author of Methodical Recommendations for Banks to Evaluate Corporate Clients Borrowing Capacity (Finansovyi Management # 2, 2004); Research on the Nature of Risk: An Etymological and Historical Approach (Finansy i Kredit # 22, 2005); thesis on Defining the Credit Risk Limit of Corporate Clients (Baikal State University of Economics and Law, 2006).- Experience & achievements: Managed CreditEuropeLeasing’s lease portfolio; Designed and implemented methodologies to evaluate corporate, SME and retail clients risk in CreditEuropeLeasing; Set, optimized and recorded CreditEuropeLeasing’s credit process which resulted 5-fold decrease of time required for client expertise while maintaining the portfolio quality at high levels; Expertised leading construction & realty companies’ credit projects in Alfa-Bank (up to $150 mln); Managed Alfa-Banks corporate credit portfolio (more than $500 mln); Designed BaikalROSBANKs methodologies to evaluate corporate clients risk and to analyze the banks credit portfolio; Participated to the definition of BaikalROSBANKs credit policy; Designed more efficient credit expertise processes in URSA Bank; 10-fold decrease of time required in URSA Bank for client expertise while maintaining the portfolio quality at high levels (less than 1% of doubtful credits).  CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT- Management: Personnel recruitment (credit, operation, marketing and sales specialists) in Moscow and other regions (Kazan, Sankt-Petersburg), training and examination; team building; designed and implemented employees’ motivation program. - Corporation and network development: designed and optimized business processes in CreditEuropeLeasing, created departments at CreditEuropeLeasing, BaikalROSBANK and URSA Bank, designed and fine-tuned the corresponding work and document flows. Customer acquisition in Moscow, Moscow region, Sankt-Petersburg, Kazan, Irkutsk. - Achievements: Effective teams of professionals was formed in CreditEuropeLeasing, URSA Bank and BaikalROSBANK. Business processes optimization resulted 5-fold and 10-fold decrease of time required for client expertise in CreditEuropeLeasing and URSA Bank correspondingly, meanwhile designed and implemented methodology to evaluate corporate, SME and retail clients risk improved credit and lease portfolio quality in all above mentioned financial institutions.

Описание деятельности компании: Leasing services
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Отрасль: Коммерческие банки
Специализация: Кредитование
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