Иван Белан

Иван Белан

О себе

I never miss, nonetheless, I prefer to perform a control shot to the head, it really helps to secure your position and ensure the certainty of the reality you live in. My clients know me for being discreet, loyal and professional. Each engagement brings results of success and prosperity to my clients. If I’m on your side be sure to win.

Опыт работы
Senior Consultant
Должностные обязанности:

• Responsible for all integration activities related to Retail Individuals and Small Enterprises segments. Further responsible for Loan administration Retail individuals. The role is hands-on oriented to shape solutions (through own development or facilitating workshops) and obtain validation from senior management through period and frequent meetings with board members to report on status and propose next steps. • Identified the major gaps between both banks regarding target client segment, products and service model, including channel management. Identified major integration tasks and carried out detailed planning, defined approaches and frameworks, including preparation of an executable integration task plan for each project (price & product harmonization, service model harmonization, branch organization harmonization, branch format harmonization and separation of lending functions taking place across front office & back office). Defined gap closure procedures. • Manage and facilitate workshops with the objective to design the harmonised future end-to-end processes in key product and client servicing areas. Manage several task forces providing project member with coaching and support.Expert knowledge: Project management, Banking M&A, Harmonization of Product Catalogue, Mapping of business processes, Migration of Clients, Loans administration, Payments bridge, Treasury, Tax, Cash Desk, Call Center, Currency control, Private Banking.

Описание деятельности компании: Management Consulting
Общая информация
Отрасль: Консалтинг
Специализация: Управленческий консалтинг
Должность: Старший консультант
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