Ирина Сушкина

Ирина Сушкина

О себе

Highly motivated young leader with strong academic background and professional experience.I'm willing to share my ideas and gain knowledge from others.Experienced in working for large corporations as well as small business.

Опыт работы
Unisys Australia
Project and Order Analyst
Должностные обязанности:

Monitoring and analysing contracts, agreed by Unisys Sales Teams in EMEA and Asia Pacific Regions.Leading Projects, involving implementing new procedures.Maintaining Oralce E-Business Suite Application (E-Business Suite)

Описание деятельности компании: Unisys is worlwide IT Services and Solutions Company with 38000 employees in over 100 countries.Services include IT; Telecommunications; Outsourcing; Consulting, etc.
Общая информация
Отрасль: Информационные и высокие технологии
Специализация: Консультирование
Должность: Аналитик
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