Kyle Mclaughlin

Kyle Mclaughlin

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I am currently residing in Moscow and am exploring expanding our private label loyalty platform and saas services for select industries and assisting businesses, end users and enterprise clients achieve their financial targets. Please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to determine if our software and services might be a fit for your organization or if partnership opportunities might be appropriate.

Опыт работы
eNautics Inc
Member Advisory Board
янв. 2017
июня 2018
Должностные обязанности:

Advisor to enautics on market growth, fundings and partnerships.

Достижения: Assisted eNautics in developing marketing partnerships with Enterprise level companies in particular Oracle and Adobe.
Описание деятельности компании: Enterprise level marketing automation and integration consulting for various marketing platforms.
Smart Savers, Inc
марта 2016
июня 2018
Должностные обязанности:

Skills & Specialties:

• Create, manage, co-ordinate, and execute all marketing strategies and implement tactical plans that meet and exceed company expectations.
• Develop unique value propositions, business/promotional/marketing relationships, category management, as well as call to action oriented advertising targeted toward key customer segments that increase brand awareness for our own brands as well as promotional partners.
• Lead and manage Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Online Marketing, Event Marketing and Internal Creative Services.
• Evaluate, analyze, plan and execute both existing and potential marketing activities and strategies. Develop benchmark criteria to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness or marketing programs.
• Conduct and analyze market research to determine competitiveness.
• Measure the effectiveness of the marketing department and implement improvements as necessary.
• Manage multi-million dollar marketing budgets.
• Coach, mentor, and raise the marketing teams ability to deliver and exceed expectations, while creating opportunities for succession talent.
• Research and analyze economic trends, buying habits and the demographic characteristics of consumers, their taste and preference for company products as well as for our advertising and promotional partners as well as for competitors.
• Work closely with Merchandising, Product Development, Sales and other Senior Executives to create demand and recognition for the company, it's products, as well as for our promotional and marketing partners.

Достижения: Created unique one of a kind loyalty platform destined to revolutionize loyalty marketing for end users, participating merchants and partners.
Fluent, Inc
Strategy Consultant
янв. 2016
июня 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Consulting Executive with extensive sales and marketing business development in Political, B2B, B2C, FinServe, & High Tech Advertising sectors consulting highly motivated type "A" personalities. Track record of using structured intuitive analysis to identify creative solutions to complex, multi-dimensional problems and translating into easy to understand, executive messaging.

Work closely with C level executives and upper management to immediately identify, develop, duplicate and efficiently execute low-risk, high reward 80/20 revenue growth strategy initiatives that require influencing of multiple stakeholders and creating synergies from new partnerships to drive incremental revenue streams from varied select consumer centric organizations in recognized key verticals, creating sustainable positive ROI, and identifying and eliminating previously unrecognized inefficiencies in existing systems.

Kyle's specialties include:

• Revenue Generation
• Results Execution
• Project Financing
• Private Equity
• Proof of Concept Models
• Technology Commercialization

Достижения: Selected to assist in critical digital marketing efforts for several presidential campaigns.
Starving Student Fundraising, Inc
июня 1994
марта 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Developed private label and co-branded loyalty rewards products and programs specifically targeted for Universities, but included Public School Systems, Banks, Credit Unions and Local, National and Global brands.

Efforts were directed towards three specific aims:

1. Raising funds for need-based scholarships for deserving students and other worthy causes.
2. Providing more effective advertising for less cost of local, national and global brands helping to increase customer loyalty, new customer acquisition and average purchase amounts.
3. Helping to save consumers money on products and services they actually used.

Достижения: Raised millions of dollars for need based scholarships.
Описание деятельности компании: Worked primarily with large educational institutions.
Программа повышения квалификации
янв. 2017
июня 2018
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