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Юрий Назаров

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Highly experienced supply chain professional with proven records list of achievements.

Опыт работы
ТОО Шин-Лайн Казахстан
Head of supply chain.
авг. 2016
авг. 2017
Должностные обязанности:

Procurement of RAW & Packaging mat., Supply of Spare & Maintenance parts, Warehousing (finished goods, tare, raw, packaging, ingridients, technical parts, trade equipment, POSM), forecasting & planning (S&OP), primary & secondary logistics, distribution, customer service, regional HUB, export/import customs operations.
Content: combining function into SCh, launch of forecasting & planning (S&OP), centralized procurement, secondary logistics optimization, implementation of FIFO, budgeting OPEX & CAPEX, increase of stock turnover, payment terms extension, obsolescence & loss reduction, cold chain controll, motivation systems and procedures, cost to service.
Scale: 13 subsidiaries, CIS & Export shipments, over 200 own vehicles fleet, over 30 000 pcs. fleet of own fridges.
Up to 8 direct reporters of different levels.

Описание деятельности компании: Ice cream production and distribution.
Sanofi-Aventis Central Asia
Supply Chain and Commercial coordinator Central Asia
мая 2012
июля 2016
Должностные обязанности:

Demand & Supply management, Portfollio management, Prices harmonization, Commercial activities & revenue effect, Stock and Sales management, Customer Service management, SC Cost & Budget management, Coordination of SC & Commercial activities on 6 markets of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

Достижения: CA market Sales and Stock reports with 3 year historical horizon were reconciled and fixed. An improved Sales and Stock reporting tool was implemented. A Common SKU database was initiated and supported for implementation at CA region for a complete reconciliation of Finance, Marketing and Supply reports and instruments, best for Managent Committee and for S&OP process harmonization within the region. A new Demand management approach was introduced and supported for implementation with accent to switch from SI to SO of Customers, and Customers Stock assessment vs Sales-Out forecasts. An improved OOS, Postponed SI and Rupture (lost sales opportunities) approach introduced and supported for implementation. An absolute cummulative forecast dispersion rate improved from 40% to 20% by markets. Central HUB stock level optimized from 3,5 to 2,5 months of cov. Customer service rate kept on 99,8% despite optimizations. Destructions and Obsolescence committee processes implemented on the Markets. Distribution costs keept on budget level. Switch to a 2 level DRP approach supported for implementation within the CA region. A price harmonization tool designed and implemented for CA markets. Portfollio optimizations and switches to a local package design supported for execution. A yearly Commercial incentive programms templates designed and implemented on Markets.
Описание деятельности компании: Pharm industry
Tele2 Kazakhstan
Head of logistics
апр. 2011
апр. 2012
Должностные обязанности:

Customs, Warehousing, Transportation, Portfollio management, SC Cost and Budget, SC Investments management.
3 Deps, headcount 11 FTE.

Development of logistics, in accordance to Company strategy.
Participation in cross-functional projects of the Company.
Organizational & functional logistics structure development.
Ensure logistics deliver proper service & quality.
Budgeting, forecasting, control & analysis of logistic cost.
Development and formalization of logistics processes and procedures.
Logistics Department results analysis and targets setup.

Достижения: A complete reconciliation of central warehouse with almost 2000 sku performed with 99,8% accuracy. A complete inventory check & reconciliation of almost 1000 sites (virtual warehouses) with 300 sku per each performed and reconciled with subcontractors. Movement to a new A class warehouse facilities executed within 3 months from idea to complete of execution. Improved logistics structure, logistics policy and revised SOP of Procurement implemented.
Описание деятельности компании: Telecommunication
Carlsberg Kazakhstan
Head of Logistics and SCh planning
янв. 2009
апр. 2010
Должностные обязанности:

SC planning (procurement, production, distribution), Warehousing (20t. sq.m), Transportation (Rail & Auto, up to 4000 km), Customer Service (regional distribution), Direct store delivery (Almaty, via own fleet and team);
5 direct reports (managers), overall headcount >100 FTE (own operations).

Logistics strategy development and implementation, personnel & process management, support internal & external projects; support marketing & sales strategies implementation; supporting corporate culture development;

Достижения: Operational excellence project implemented with overall goal achieved during 1,5Y: -20% of recurring logistic cost/unit optimization (SCh planning, warehousing, trasportation & customer service areas). best practices & projects implementation; budgeting, forecasting, control & analysis of logistics cost on monthly/yearly basis; logistics, planning & SCh KPIs control; logistics department results analysis and targets setup; taking part at the strategy development sessions on company level.
Описание деятельности компании: Beer production and distribution
Carlsberg Kazakhstan
Head of logistics development dep.
дек. 2006
дек. 2008
Должностные обязанности:

Analysis, reporting, project execution, follow-up, continuous improvement.
2 specialists in subordination.

Logistic strategy development & implementation by challenging the quality, service level, operations efficiency & cost efficiency.
Development & implementation of KPI reporting system.
Realization of economic studies in supply chain.
Ensure optimal quality/service/cost operating.
Replacing of Logistic Director.

Достижения: A new department/function was established within the Company. The function has been completelly equiped by qualified personnel, educated in a process. A process of Logistics function was redesigned and reestablished to meet new standards of service, reporting and information flow. A lot of improvement in an entire reporting and managment aproaches of Operations in Logistics were implemented in a 2 years period. Direct contribution to a project of own A-class storage facilities of 20'000 sq.m construction and implementation with integrated WMS Solvo system within 2 year period.
Описание деятельности компании: Beer production and distribution.
ТОО Прима Distribution Kazakhstan
Head of analytics dep.
дек. 2005
нояб. 2006
Должностные обязанности:

Analysis, reporting, harmonization, development, execution.
5 specialists in subordination.

Sales & stock efficiency execution in the distribution chain, country wide.
Ensure: delivering of proper analytics reports to support strategy fulfillment, development of internal reporting system & electronic forms in the company.
Participation in cross-functional projects.
Participation on board of directors meetings.

Достижения: A new department/function was established within the headquarter during one year period. The function has been completelly equiped by qualified personnel, educated in a process. A process itself was redesigned and reestablished to meet new standards of analysis, reporting and information flow. All the best practices of Sales, Forecasting and Distribution were successfully implemented in organization.
Описание деятельности компании: Distribution of FMCG goods (wide range)
Colgate-Palmolive Kazakhstan
Sales analyst-administrator
апр. 2003
нояб. 2005
Должностные обязанности:

Sales & Distribution analysis, reporting & overall administration.
no direct reporters.
Sales & distribution analysis on country/city level, by challenging:
in-country stock level & turnover, forecast efficiency, distribution, sales and trade-marketing target achievment, controll of stock and sales data validity, full analytics support.

Достижения: An unique analysis tool (excel based) was designed and implemented to support Sales, which help to assess sales plans fulfillment on a regular monthly basis with respect of OOS situations, select ruptures of stock and lost sales opportunities across the market.
Описание деятельности компании: FMCG (personal care products)
Институт экономики и финансов
Менеджмент в экономике
Повышение квалификации
Тесты, экзамены, сертификаты
Certified in Inventory & Supply Chain management
Renome+ , Almaty
Certified MS Office Project advanced user
Alsi innovation , Almaty
Certified in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Min.of labor Kazakhstan
Certified in Warehouse automation (WMS)
Solvo.WMS , St Petersburg
Certified in LEAN for production, Logistics and 6 sigmas
Carlsberg SCh Academy , Norway
Certified in Strategic Management & Balanced Score Card
INTALEV Ukraine.
Certified in Decision-making.
Training institute , Moscow
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Отрасль: Дистрибуция, оптовая торговля
Специализация: Логистика
Должность: Директор по логистике
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