Татьяна Смирнова

Татьяна Смирнова

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Отрасль: Связи с общественностью
Специализация: Связи с общественностью
Должность: Менеджер
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Sunie Wendy

My Dear,

May Peace be unto you,

I belief that you can help in setting up a charity foundation for the benefit of mankind, I wish to establish a charity foundation to help the poor in your country under your care, Can you help to build this
project in your country? Together We can make the world a better place when we help one another,

Waiting to read from you today and know your opinion in doing this project,

Remain Blessed,

Mrs. Sunie Wendy.

Please contact me through my email address for more details

( suniewendy288@gmail.com )