Алла Маркина

Алла Маркина

О себе

Marketing director of the Russian Representative Office of the International Production Pharmaceutical Company
More than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business.

Of these, more than 5 years in the production pharmaceutical company (Germany): building and management of a Sales Department with regional units of the Russian Federation from scratch, providing a client portfolio (80 pharmacy chains, 9 wholesalers), developing effective marketing activities with them, implementation a budget. Omnichannel Marketing system building

3 years in the wholesalers' company (TOP 3 pharmaceutical distributors in Russia).

11 years in the pharmacy chain: building "from scratch" retail pharmacy chain.

Knowledge and understanding of the specificity of the supply chain of medicines, management of sales of each link:
Delivery in the Russian Federation - Logistic operator - Wholesaler- Pharmacy chain - Pharmacy -Buyer

Understanding and managing the supply chain of medicines to Russia from the moment of formation at the factory with further verification of documents, logistics delivery and customs clearance, control of certification documents prior to release for sale.

Experience in the implementation a CPM and business process automation

Experience under the direct management of business owners.

Опыт работы
Krewel Meuselbah
Marketing director
янв. 2018
Key account director: Management sales of products on all territory of Russian Federation
февр. 2012
сент. 2017
Достижения: • For 5 years, the company's sales volume increased 4-fold, while the company was put on a positive profit, the implementation and accounting of the budget was organized. • Provided a client portfolio of pharmacy chains - 80 clients (including ASNA, Neofarm, Samson, April, Maxavit), and 9 wholesalers such as Katren, Protek, SIA, Pulse, Profitmed, Pharmcomplect • Organized the uninterrupted coordinated work of all links of the supply chain: Delivery to the Russian Federation - Logistic Operator – Wholesaler - Pharmacy chain - Pharmacy - Customer. Each link was provided with a balanced stock of goods, in accordance with the marketing activities carried out by wholesalers and pharmacy chains. Developed and managed the implementation of the annual plan of marketing activities with wholesalers and pharmacy chains. • Was building "from scratch" and managed the Sales Department with six regional offices on the territory of the Russian Federation - St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg. • Successful launch of 3 products of the company was made. • Developed a motivation system for employees, focused on the development of the company's business • Curated the successful development and implementation of a system for automating sales management: Implementation of CRM for medical representatives and regional managers (base, routes, reports, actions, electronic reconciliation) Implementation of a primary, secondary and tertiary sales report system, systems for automating sales analytics - Qlik Sense • When delivered to the Russian Federation, I have experience in accompanying shipments from production abroad to a logistics operator in the Russian Federation: preparing / checking documents for customs clearance and certification of medicines, agreeing on delivery dates, processing documents prior to being placed on sale in the Russian Federation.
Описание деятельности компании: Немецкая фармацевтическая компания, ОТС лекарственные препараты
Программа повышения квалификации
окт. 2010
дек. 2011
Финансы и Кредит
Оценка стоимости компании
Фармацевтический/ Провизор
Кандидат наук
Общая информация
Отрасль: Фармацевтика, медицина
Специализация: Маркетинг
Должность: Директор по маркетингу
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