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Описание деятельности компании: нижний присейл. ретейлинговая сеть продакт плейсметна и доморощенный урал сибирь During the first quarter the Company finalized tenders with the suppliers of 3G equipment which resulted in a huge discounts provided by vendors. For example, for some types of equipment we have up to 99% discount of the delivery in the first year. The vendors provided their discounts for each type of equipment in each year based on their own expectations of our capitalization expenses. The discounts were determined during electronic auctions and thus they are neither systemized nor logical (all the information about vendors’ discounts is in the data file “Discounts of 3G equipment.xls”). Currently we do not have exact plans of what volumes will be purchased in what years and from what suppliers.
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Отрасль: Автопром, машиностроение, производство оборудования
Специализация: Продажи
Должность: Presale-менеджер
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