Алексей Прудников

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CIS regional controller
Должностные обязанности:

Functional scope is usual for CFO: planning & analysis, accounting & reporting, treasury and tax management, M&A deals, HR, IT functions supervision. Annual turnover - 22M Euro, HC – 85 employees, number of subordinates – 12.Being responsible for business Administration, I also have the following responsibilities: • ISIT systems supervision • HR function supervision • LEAN management implementation• Other Administration routineAchievements: - Start up management- New ERP system implementation (SAP ECC 6.0) - Reinforced and successfully led budgeting process. - Improved reporting and internal controls procedures - Several cost reduction projects (banking, leasing services, currency management, overdue management)- Debtors management system implementation (There is an article in Finance director magazine (May , 2010, January,2011 ) with a detailed description of this process)- working capital optimization, reduction of stock value with the help of Safety stock monitoring policy and other actions, decreasing of Receivables by strengthening the credit control function - Successfully passed tax and internal audit in 2010, implementation of electronic archive, which reduced significantly time of subsequent tax audits- LEAN principles implementation (PM for LEAN project), optimization of all business processes, existed in the company, reaching the qualification level for the whole unit within half an year, reaching BRONZE level within a year- set up of the whole reporting system for Dorma Ukraine, close monitoring of Dorma Ukraine start up

Описание деятельности компании: Glass partitions, movable walls, door autamatics
Общая информация
Отрасль: Строительство и производство стройматериалов
Специализация: Финансы
Должность: Финансовый директор
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