Илья Куликов

Опыт работы
Parker Hannifin
Technical Services Manager
Должностные обязанности:

Building and managing strong products and solutions oriented technical team; supporting positive and productive atmosphere inside team; manage key projects; developing structure of Technical Service Division in company; recruiting new engineers; manage technical support process for each production group (technical quotations, support at the meetings, certifications, catalogues); developing reporting system and training system; start and manage production workshop; designing a new systems (Power Units); work with subcontractors; manage a local magazine; resistibility for sales turnover of each production group supported by technical team; direct personal support for Filtration group.

Описание деятельности компании: Parker Hannifin is a world wide company manufacturing products controling motion, flow and pressure. Based in the USA and operating globally, it employs 50000 people in 48 countries around the world. Parker Hannifin consist of eight divisions: hydraulics, filtration, automation, fluid connectors, instrumentation, aerospace, climate control.
Общая информация
Отрасль: Дистрибуция, оптовая торговля
Специализация: Продажи
Должность: Нач. отдела, зам. руководителя
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