Зоя Ворновицкая

Опыт работы
младший бренд-менеджер, Золотая Бочка
Должностные обязанности:

• Participation in strategic (long-term) and annual brand planning • Participation in the development of a new communication platform • Development and execution of a media strategy to support the launch of new creative platform• Development and execution of a complex internet project to support the new platform (wwwbochka.ru)• Development of WOM and viral communication programs (non-standard ATL and internet activations)• Participation in BTL activations development• Brand PR (onoff-line)• Brand profitability management• Brand performance analysis • Coordination of trade marketing support and POSM development• NPD: initiation and management of cross-functional innovation projects for new brand varieties and line extensions

Описание деятельности компании: Having entered the Russian market in 1998 SABMiller plc set up marketing and sales subsidiary “TransMark”, in 2008 renamed into SABMiller RUS and industrial subsidiary the “Kaluga Brewing Company”. Today, “SABMiller RUS” and “Kaluga Brewing Company” – subsidiaries of SABMiller plc in Russia - are dynamically developing companies, employing professionals of the highest class, thanks to whom the companies have developed a reputation of being a producer of beer of the highest quality, meeting the growing demand of millions of consumers.
Общая информация
Отрасль: Потребительские товары повседневного спроса
Специализация: Маркетинг
Должность: Бренд-менеджер
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