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Head of Retail, Eurasia
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Nokia. Head of Retail Eurasia. 022011-present timeKey responsibilities:• Manage team of Market Retail Heads (Russia, CIS and Turkey)• Ensure high level of Nokia products visibility and in-store execution both in General Reatil and own stores in Russia, CIS and Turkey• Ensure high level of Shopper conversion in-store• Manage Field Force teams across all Business Units• Retail plan execution according to brand calendar• Solutions Activations across selected channelsoutlets• A common way of working across markets for KPI’s, Planning, Budgeting, Implementation and Evaluation of Retail Initiatives. • Field Force and Shop Assistants Training Management• Drive Mystery Shopper activities• Sales Automation tools development and implementationKey achievements:• Retail balanced scorecard developed and implemented• Nokia branded Shop-in-shop concept developed and launched to replace mono-brand shops• Based on existing market surveys, 5-opportunity startegy developed to grow retail sales• Retail ROI tool developed and implemented to balance investment by retail channels• Effective product range tool developed and implemented to support Account Managers in sales planning and account negotiation process.Colgate-Palmolive, Field Operations and In-Store Execution Manager. 09.2008 – 02.2011:Key responsibilities:• Manage Key Account Executives team (matrix) in part of in-store execution.• In-store execution standards development and implementation.• Creating standards and guidelines for Russian Field Operations. Managing 3rd-party sales reps and merchandisers teams through Field Operations Executives team (matrix structure).• Ensure required level of sales training programs.• Sales KPI’s planning and reporting based on filed data.• Field Force Sales training managementFunctions:• Guide and manage KA and traditional trade merchandising teams (total 842 employees) to deliver best in class in-store execution and excellent trade marketing activations.• Guide and manage 3rd-party field force (total 864 employees) to ensure targeted levels of distribution (both weighted and numeric) of key product categories.• Provide sales department with all the required training and development programs, including ‘Train the trainer’ sessions for sales supervisors and area sales managers.• Sales automation tools development and implementation to have up to date filed data to plan sales and trade marketing activities by channel customer. Being the center of field expertise for other functions e.g. Marketing, Trade Marketing, Logistics, etc.Key Achievements:• ‘Big events’ (in-store trade marketing activations) process established:o Participants selection criterions developed and implementedo In-store product visibility and decoration standards developed and implemented by channelcustomer type.o No of Big Events participants has grown from 713 in 2008 to 1816 in 2010.o No of big events has grown from 6 in 2008 to 12 in 2010. 16 targeted for 2011.o Positive ROI achieved for all Big Events in 2010. (up to 150% for some categories).• Sales KPI’s and multi-level sales reporting procedure developed and implemented.• In-store Monitoring system developed and implemented to better control in-store execution.• Sales standards and audits system developed and implemented to help field force to establish all the necessary business processes according to company vision.Johnson & Johnson, active cosmetics division (ROC and Neutrogena brands), CIS Development Manager. 02.2008-09.2008Key responsibilities:• Deliver targeted sales volume, coverage and visibility levels in CIS markets (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia).• Manage team of 3 country managers to provide on-going collaboration and communication to distributors.Functions:• Sales planning and budgeting.• Strategic planning, looking for growth opportunities in the markets.• Conquering new markets and geographies• Go-to-market analysis and optimization• Tactic trade marketing activities development and implementation• Full support of marketing dept. in brand building activities planning• Team and distributor management to deliver targeted sales, distribution and visibility levelsKey achievements:• Belarus re-entered with 25% sales volume growth vs. 2007• Numeric distribution boost programme launch. Sales coverage increased from 270 to 3420 stockists.SABMiller RUS, Exports Development Manager. 06.2005-02.2008Key responsibilities:• Deliver targeted levels of sales volume, EBITDA and market share in CIS markets• Manage team of 3 exports managers and marketing manager to gain Numeric and weighted distribution and market share.Functions:• On-going market analysis• Sales planning and budgeting• Go-to-market model development and implementation by market• Tactic trade marketing activities development and implementation• Team and distributor management to deliver targeted sales, distribution and visibility levelsKey achievements:• 2005 – 2008 fiscal year sales volumes CAGR – 42,0%• Export sales share has grown from 1,2 to 11%• Kazakhstan has become top 5 market in Miller brand sales volumes all over the World with 35% share in super-premium segment.SABMiller RUS, Sales Operations Manager. 02.2003-06.2005Key responsibilities:• Sales KPI’s development and implementation• Multi-level sales reporting procedure development and implementation• Being center of expertise for other functions (Marketing, Trade-Marketing)• Sales automation tools development and implementation.Functions:• Manage team of 2 sales analysts• Sales KPIs development, implementation and control.• Distributors and KAs trading terms development, implementation and control• Sales reporting collection, processing ang consolidation. Executive summaries.• Shopper, consumer and customer studies• Sales motivation programmes development, implementation, control and estimation• Sales automation tools development, implementation and upgradingKey achievements:• ERPCRM launch (the biggest development in beer industry in Russia). 460 PDA’s launched.• Sales and distributor standards evaluation launch. Average rating has grown from 33% to 76% in 18 months.• Cooling equipment project (24.000 coolers installed)SABMiller RUS, Area Sales Manager. 03.2002-02.2003Key responsibilities:• Achieve targeted level of sales volume and numeric distribution in the assigned territory (Central and Northern parts of Moscow)• Manage team of 2 supervisors (10 reps each) and 4 Key Account executives.Functions:• Sales planning and budgeting• Target setting and target achievement tracking• In-store execution• Trade equipment management and control• Manage 2 distributors (15% share of company business)Key Achievements:• Cooling equipment project launch (first 132 coolers installed)• Share of controlled sales (direct delivery) at distributor has grown from 15 to 56%• Trading terms to manage local KA’s and BIO’s developed and implemented (pay for performance scheme). As a result, aveage range has grown from 3,4 to 12,1.MARS llc., Territory Sales Supervisor. 08.2000-03.2002Key responsibilities:• Achieve targeted levels of sales, coverage and numeric distribution on the assigned territory.• Manage team of 2 Van reps, 2 confectionery sales reps and 6 mixed reps.Functions:• Sales planning and budgeting• Target setting and target achievement tracking• Team management• Trade equipment management and controlKey achievements:• Tailor made trade equipment programme (pet food sales) development and implementation. Resulted in 145 new pet food stockists. Later on the programme was implemented national wide.• Best result in Russia in Derzhava brand launch. 80% of universe covered.• Local KA’s trading terms developed and implemented to manage visibility, distribution and shelf space. 80% of pet food shelf space occupied.MARS llc., Grocery Salesman. 09.1999-08.2000Key responsibilities:• Achieve sales KPI’s (sales volume, numeric distribution and number ofA-site displays) on the assigned territory.• Manage customers’ financial discipline.Functions:• Regular visits to customers to manage shelf, product range and gain the order.• Collect cash payments from customers on time• Submit sales reportingKey achievements:• 90% of clients had all 3 product categories (pet food, confectionery and food)• Number of directly supplied outlets has grown from 56 to 171Concern Kalina, Sales manager. 09.1998 – 09.1999Key Rsponsibilities:• Deliver targeted sales volume at the assigned territory (Komi and Tyumenskaya regions)• Manage 2 distributors to ensure sales target achievement and safety stock levels.Functions:• Customer order processing• Customer stocks control• Submit sales reportingKey achievements:• Distributors’ stock levels normalized. Safety stock of min monthly sales introduced.• Sales volume has grown from 20.000.000 RUR a month to 56.000.000 RUR a month.

Описание деятельности компании: World mobile technology leader. Iconic mobile products manufacturer.
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