Алексей Иванов

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Admin Procurement Relationship Manager
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Operations & Technology Division (O&T)• Vendors: leasing & outsourcing deals, C-level negotiations, tenders, contracts• Services budget: > USD8,000,000 pa• Projects: design, profitability analysis, presentation, implementation, managing, cost optimization without quality drop• Team: 5 service managers, more then 100 contractorsKey projects• Outsourcing of mass printing and office printing services in Russia (9 cities, more then 50 branches): market review, tender, solution approval, procedures development, contract development, equipment leasing, arranging help desk service, printing troubles tracker implementation (Xerox Device Manager), establishing three mass printing centers, continuity of business (CoB) planning, service management, cost optimization (down by more then 10%)• Outsourcing of imaging and data entry services for business units located in Moscow: market review, tender, e-auction, solution design, procedures development, contract development, service management, costs optimization (down by more then 40%)• Outsourcing of archival services in Russia (9 cities, more then 50 branches): re-engineering of archival requests processing based on internal request processing web system Virtual Tech, archival services market review, pricing model design, tender, e-auction, procedures development, contract development, solution implementation, service management costs optimization (down by more then 15%)• Outsourcing of logistics and paper document management services: logistics model design for all branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg, design of document exchange processes with client companies, risk assessment, information security issues reconciliation, design of e-tracking process, system approval, procedures development, contract development, gap analysis, web based tracking system (Micrologistics Internal Mail Tracker) implementation (9 cities, more then 50 branches, more then 3000 users, the same is planned for Ukraine, Kazakhstan, implementation for Eastern Europe countries being evaluated), cost control and optimization mechanisms implementation (auto best rate), development of monitoring tools (documents processing SLA), documents lead time cut, design of pricing model for client companies to compensate costs of documents delivery, development of addendum on delivery services to the standard corporate client agreement• Outsourcing reception, catering, and switch board services in Russia: service model design, tender, procedures development, contract development, personnel transfer from HR agency to outsourcing company, trainings and adaptation, optimization of processes and costs (down by more then 15%)• Outsourcing of translation services for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: design of knowledge management process in order to improve translations quality and consistency, system approval (Trados), procedures development, contracts development, process implementation, costs control and optimization (down by more then 10%)

Описание деятельности компании: Глобальный коммерческий банк, в России представлен в девяти регионах
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Отрасль: Коммерческие банки
Специализация: Бэк-офис
Должность: Нач. отдела, зам. руководителя
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